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CSNC Named Among The Champions Of ICT In Nigeria

Champions of ICT is an annual event organized by communicationsWeek newspaper to celebrate world class companies that has over the years demonstrated professionalism and immense contribution to development in the ICT sector of the Nigerian economy. CommunicationsWeek is a Nigerian renowned weekly newspaper that focuses in the ICT sector of Nigeria.

At CSNC we are of the strong opinion that Science, technology and innovation has become key factors contributing to economic growth in both advanced and developing economies. In the knowledge economy, information circulates at the international level through trade in goods and services, direct investment and technology flows, and the movement of people. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have been at the heart of economic changes for more than a decade. ICT sector plays an important role, notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth. Firms use ICTs to organize transnational networks in response to international competition and the increasing need for strategic interaction. As a result, multinational firms are a primary vehicle of the everspreading process of globalization. New technologies and their implementation in productive activities are changing the economic structure and contributing to productivity increases in the economies. Economic competitiveness depends on productivity level and in the knowledge economy; ICT sectors determine the productivity level. As a result, we can say that the power of economic competitiveness of a country depends on the productivity of its ICT sector. There are two ways to improve the total factor productivity (TFP) of ICT and as well improve the power of competitiveness. First of all, if the selected countries solve their inefficiency problem by reallocation of resources, they can improve their TFP of the ICT sector and as a result they can be more competitive. Secondly, the technological improvement in these countries creates an expectation about increasing TFP of ICT sector for the future. If there will be a sustainable technological improvement by innovation, it will cause a sustainable increase in the TFP of ICT sector and as a result it will cause a sustainable increase in competitiveness. As a world class ICT solution firm in Nigeria, we partner with the best solutions provider companies in the world to make sure our clients gets the most excellent.

CSNC been named among the champions is not by gaffe, for the short period we have been aboard the ICT industry in Nigeria we have delivered outstanding services. Our clients know us and our works speaks for us. We are experts in delivering Technology Solutions. Our solutions are cost effective, easy to use and adaptive for next level growth. These solutions provide the platform for a responsive ICT environment that drives organizations towards set objectives. We instantly transform any organization and deliver visible return on Investment. Partner with CSNC today and watch your business grow to the next level.